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However, when it comes to our relationship he likes to take charge and never really consider me in it. He says he will change but it has yet to happen he barely helps with anything I feel single. I am a Capricorn but my girlfriend of 4 years is a Libra and we also had our fair share of normal arguments and stuff but things were going so good, and then one day she just walked out on me and told me she wanted someone else… I am completely lost without her… She came back a couple of times and the last time she told me she wanted to do things the right way so she could love me right this time and that we would work on it, then 2 days later, she was gone again… She randomly messages me to hangout but if I say one word about whats going on or show any emotion at all, she gets upset and leaves and blocks me on everything and refuses to talk to me… Im so hurt and confused… And I cant get over her.

No matter how hard I try… I constantly feel sick and like im walking around in a daze. I wake up having horrible nightmares about her and her new gf taunting me and I wake up bawling and shaking … It hurts more than anything ive ever felt before..

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She is not the one 4 you. The earlier u understand this, the better u wud be… clearly she doesnt deserve ur love. Get over it, trust me ,time can heal u. We were together for 2 years before we broke up we were arguing a couple times but we talked it out and were okay FOR a small amoun of time then he just switched up on me out of nowhere and let his friend influence him. I just want to know if he will eventually talk to me and take the time to understand what I am feeling. And the last time I saw him he gave me this look like he wants to be with me but hid mind is tricking him.

We were always faithful to one another. THis was supposed to be a great year fro libra but Ive had a very difficult one when will there be a change. Yes I have lost my first love after 2 years together in a relationship and almost a year of a friendship.

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I want to know as well. If me and him are meant to be and things will eventually unfold and work out. Or if I have to move on. The woman that I love most left me. Her name is oke dorcas omowunmi. I want to know may be she will still come back to me. Because I so much love her. It is true that I feel emotional with matters close to my heart bcuz of my husband who wont put any effort into our marriage, its only me.

He has given up on top of emotional abuse.

Libra Daily Horoscope for Today

It breaks my heart. I hope Things have improved for you.

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Just remember to Change what you can and the things out of your control give to god. You worry about your self growth and Focus on maker your self a better person. Things will come together. I always have love in my heart i am a libra and i am an angel thts the love i need on this day valentines day. Well, I find it somewhat a little bit closer but you know guys I am not certain for what lies ahead my love story.

I am a true Libra lover but I felt being played by the girl who I love. Guys I will appreciate your advises…… God speed. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting. Remember Me.

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Toggle navigation. Daily Love Horoscope For Libra. Overview Love Money. Daily one email per day. Weekly and Monthly one email per week. Share this. Joseph Ani September 25th, I need my serious relationship Like 0. Safina begum July 21st, My wife return come back surrounding home me Like 0.

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Megghan July 7th, Like 0. Judith Z. Pabinguit June 4th, Ifeoma May 7th, My life as been full of bitterness, hatred, disappointment, promise and fail I have done I could still nothing, what can I do to make work for good Like 0. Chibwe April 19th, When will I win a gambling bet and have a successful business Like 0. Jess Ray November 25th, Lisa November 9th, You never know, leave this guy and another man will be in your life sooner than you think Like 0.

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Elizabeth June 21st, Preeti patel May 24th, Sheela Trivedi August 5th, Hi preeti Can you contact me through Facebook Like 0. Julie May 20th, Jan June 18th, Like 1. Rebecca 2 days ago. Ayla May 19th, Britt May 24th, Same thing here girl made all types of plans and maybe one or 2 of them involve me smfh Like 0.

Ariel May 18th, Madeline May April 17th, Her April 28th, It is a medium that can help you get somewhat closer to your future. Yes, many people believe same and so do we. We, at Ask Oracle have strong beliefs in astrology and the games that the stars and their movements play. It is one very interesting science with the help of which one can get a look at what could come in his future enabling him to be ready to face it.

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Horoscopes, matchmaking, love compatibility, financial checks are some very common questions that astrology answers. For example, if you want to check your Gemini Weekly Horoscope , astrology can answer you same within minutes. You can approach an astrology service like ours, which is a team of professionals and trained astrologers, to gain your answers. Your single visit to us will help you learn how wide is astrology and what all it can help you with. You can approach us anytime to gain answers to your queries. Libra Daily , Gemini Weekly Horoscope. Friends 0. Comments Hearts Remix. Comment Don't forget that insults, racism, etc.