Rooster 2020 february horoscope

The second half, though not planning to break off relations with you, but will seek to force you to commit rash acts. Keep yourself in hand, do not allow you to provoke and do not seek to defend their interests through scandals and aggression. Due to the tense situation at home and at work, the rapid consumption of vital energy and, as a consequence, the collapse of the forces, neurological pathologies can develop. Exacerbations of chronic diseases are also likely.

Seasonal cold and weakening of immunity are also on the list of possible causes of deterioration of health.

The retrograde location of Uranus predicts the likelihood of dental problems. A rooster, which by nature is famous for good health, in , it is necessary to especially protect your body, which will become vulnerable to diseases of various kinds, including infectious ones. In order to minimize the risks of getting sick, the Roosters are advised to adhere to the correct daily routine, go to bed and wake up in time, play sports and not overload the digestive tract with heavy food.

As you know, shattered nerves create fertile ground for the rapid development and the most severe course of various diseases. Learn to calm down, sign up for yoga courses, if necessary, visit a psychotherapist. Terrible Saturn in a retrograde position will try to close the Rooster all the possibilities that could lead him to success.

Chinese Astrology 2020 Predictions for All Signs: Horoscope 2020

But you can still find loopholes by tilting fortune to your side. To do this, it is important not to try to stand out and at the same time at all costs to defend their point of view. It is necessary, on the contrary, to try to smooth out conflict situations with colleagues and management, and also to find the most loyal ways to solve problems. Extreme care and caution will be necessary for the Rooster when communicating with business partners.

Also, keep an eye out should be with subordinates, if you have your own business. Many business partners with whom you will face fate in , will try to get their benefit, taking advantage of the fact that you are knocked out of the usual rut and remain in an unbalanced state. Check out any, even the most insignificant information that your colleagues, business partners or subordinates will provide you.


Do not wait for a year of financial stability. But hope that you will be able to negotiate with the Rat, coaxing it with the right behavior, in which there is no aggression. Perhaps then you will even be able to accumulate a certain amount, which will help you live a year without experiencing financial difficulties. Any monetary transactions should be carried out in the strictest secrecy.

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After all, your enemies are not asleep. The main danger in for you is the gullibility and desire to find compassion in the eyes of others. In moments of despair, you will experience a sense of hopelessness that will force you to open your soul literally in front of everyone you meet. Keep your emotions and thoughts with you.

Remember that secret enemies are near. They will certainly try to acquire information that in the future will help them to obstruct. Do not trust new fans who will assure you of their sincerity and seriousness in various ways. Many of them are interested only in minute entertainment, no more. And certainly you should not make far-reaching plans for the successful creation of strong relationships with one of these admirers. If possible, communicate with time-tested men.

Monthly Horoscope for Roosters in 12222/2020

At work, try to be in the shadows, without demonstrating your belligerence towards the protests of colleagues and superiors. This can put you in an uncomfortable position or it can lead to conflicts that will cause you to leave your job. Owners of their own business, it is desirable to temporarily stop business, at least until the beginning of winter, and better until February During the first half of the year, the mood will be overshadowed by quarrels with the second half, which will become intractable and begin to stubborn over any, even the slightest, occasion.

For example, you could receive a start-up payoff, unexpected cash, a better salary, a job or a contract, and so on. Your vital energy will evolve in a jagged pattern throughout the year. You can easily compensate for it with a vital form and good shape, despite the inevitable hassle of everyday life.

Year of the Rooster- Horoscope & feng shui Forecast

Your body demands more attention and rest, especially your muscles. Overestimating your strength may cost you muscle wrinkles, tendinitis, and sprains. Do not force things in vain and instead take advantage of the planetary impulses to refocus on your lifestyle, which is too strict on some sides and too lax on others. Is it really essential to be purely vegetarian? Ask yourself the right questions and you will avoid deficiencies harmful to your vitality.

Relationships will go through a more intense phase of seriousness between February and June. You will have to avoid continually questioning your partner with any doubts that may arise because with time you may regret it. Any misunderstanding will be cleared up by September, thus ensuring that the harmony in the relationship continues. In this year of the Pig, new friendships will appear for singles, especially with regard to the last quarter of the year.

However, you will have to be original and fun when you go out with your new partners if you do not want to end up boring them. It will depend on them whether the relationship has life or ends up breaking up easily. According to the Chinese Horoscope for Rooster, the existing relationship with your partner will be very communicative and will allow you to express your feelings with a lot of freedom and in a very relaxed way.

You will be able to say what you think at all times without disturbing your partner in any way. In the professional field, the rhythm of life will be much slower than the one corresponding to the previous year. Something that will allow the Rooster to deepen in new technical knowledge that will help them in their future work. Between May and September, you may decide to make an important trip with your partner, to enjoy the money saved. It is also possible that instead of this you will worry about making investments that will generate interesting long-term benefits.

It will be at the beginning of the year when the Rooster will be able to have a better conscience about the importance of the family relations and for that reason these natives will be able to strengthen bonds and to improve them until reaching an optimal maturity. Therefore, the Chinese Horoscope for Rooster predicts that these natives will be able to have important changes in their lives if they make them during the first six months of the year. WeMystic is an information site and its content is not of scientific rigor.

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