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Once per 4 months, the planet turns retrograde for about 3 weeks. He is exalted in the sign of Virgo, in fall and weak in Pisces, while operates rather toughly in Sagittarius where it is in detriment. After all, it is our conscious thought and dedication towards a subject that always brings change. The more we think about something, the more we act towards that direction; thus a Mercurial transit usually becomes the predecessor of actions.

On the other hand, transits of slow-moving planets to natal Mercury can signify long-lasting changes concerning the way we perceive reality and think; therefore it always depending on the aspect and the transiting planet to see what kind of permanent or temporary changes will come to our mind. Mercury rules contracts, negotiations and even mischief through them. He is responsible for short trips, and transportation in general. The planet is the governor of all messages and the whole procedure of their transfer from the source to the receiver.

He rules all short types of communications, your neighbors that may be gossiping behind your back, your daily mail -including even the spam you receive. In addition, the planet is responsible for books and written text, friendly meetings and the news. A strong Mercury by placement or aspects can make someone a brilliant mind, being able to absorb a lot of information. Frequently, this ability comes paired with the exact opposite one, to excel in transmitting information towards others. The planet can make someone a programmer, a writer, or direct to other professions that are connected with data filing and information process.

Mercury is the inner power that will make you strive to develop your ideas, the force that will drive you to explore the world around you.

It feeds your natural curiosity to discover and understand so that you later use your obtained knowledge consciously. Of course, he can also be responsible for misunderstandings, lies and corrupt information. Difficult aspects to Mercury may show over-thinking or mental challenges, obsessions considering specific types of information and misuse of the Mercurial gifts in general.

We should not forget that Mercury as a god is also the protector of thieves and swindlers. Due to his connection with the 3rd house, the planet governs our siblings, while also a lot of other things connected with our childhood. The progress of developing our intellect through school and even playing in the neighborhood is a Mercurial activity. In addition, the fact that it rules the 6th house makes Mercury responsible for our job as an employee, or for our employees and servants if we are the owners of a business. As a planetary force, Mercury requires from us to become processors of the inflowing information in order to put it in a logical inner system and use it.

Those who tune in with its frequencies will have more accurate results through their logical thinking and will be able to develop their wisdom quicker. Every individual should research his natal Mercury placement in order to understand better its functions.

We should be extra careful to not misuse its gifts. The house where Mercury is natally located should be examined better, so that we see what kind of gifts he can grant us and which life areas can be empowered. Find in which house your Mercury is located in your natal chart, and read the respective article to uncover more about its functions:.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart.

The Planets & Parts of the Body

You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope. Uranus is a tricky case and as all trans-Saturnian planets are not easily constrained to a well-defined box. Yet its universal expansiveness also fits the airy expansiveness of Jupiter. It makes sense to recognise the power of the planet with respect to the modality of the sign it is in. How come Venus is stronger in Taurus?

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A few explanations are possible here. The first quadrant of the Zodiac is experientially stronger since it symbolises the first three months after the Vernal Equinox — spring and very beginning of summer — the time when the energy springs forward. The second observation is that Venus is not exactly like all other planets, Venus spins in a different direction! This may give us a hint to treat Venus differently. And finally, centuries of astrological observations and analysis point at Venus being stronger in Taurus than in Libra, the sign most associated with the symbolism autumn.

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This story followed the interpretations given by Ptolemy who is regarded as the originator of the modern Western astrological thought. The zodiac is truly an elegant invention, and we hope that the reader has enjoyed this archetypal tour into the deep knowledge devised by the humankind many centuries ago without any help from computers and with a lot of help from inquisitive and observing minds. Then it all falls into order… until Venus that should have Libra as its day sign but traditionally considered to have Taurus as the day sign.

This sort of makes sense experientially. Plus Venus spins in opposite direction to other planets.

Medical Astrology: Which Body Parts Do Each Planet & Zodiac Sign Rule?

Anyway, go figure! If Aries is considered masculine and diurnal, why does it appear to be associated with the side of the moon and given the color aqua in your chart? This would mean that the circle now has two halves with each of them broadly ruling over some dominant polarity. At the same time, no half is an island, it still encompasses both polarities from within. Every woman has a degree of masculinity inside, and every man has a feminine side. Similar with the seasons and the whole of the Zodiac circle. Why did you [or others] discard this idea?

Taking your good comment into consideration I have updated that part of the article with the goal to further explain why the planets were assigned this way. I have also specified that this article has been written in accordance with the teachings of Ptolemy who lived approximately in years AD — and considered to be the father of the Western astrological thought. There are certainly other plausible versions and explanations, for example the one that you are referring to, originated by Joseph Crane who is a modern author.

Time Nomad blog is based on the classical astrological works that are often centuries old and passed the period of hot debates and a certain equilibrium of consensus has been reached. The binary of light and dark is built into the natural design of the universe-the values assigned to them are cultural constructs. It is tedious and so limiting to constantly see this kind of sex-role stereotyping of the universe portrayed as if it is a fixture of nature, which it is not! But aside from this filter …I like your overall summary of the structure of reality based on the map of the zodiac!


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