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These water-bearers have near-impossible ideals that they stubbornly cling to even when it goes against their best interests. Others get very into specific self-help philosophies or practices that they adopt holier-than-thou attitudes.

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Mostly, Aquarians think that everyone else just needs to get on board with their version of truth. Internally, Aquarians end up hurting themselves with their stringent ideals, beating themselves up for missing the mark or not meeting their lofty and sometimes impossible aspirations. Likewise, in love, Aquarians struggle with the face that no human being is perfect.

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If the person is successful, Aquarius will judge them for selling their soul to the devil. The secret to getting along with an Aquarius in any setting is to sacrifice some of your time to their pet interests.

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Shocking, I know! Aquarius is ruled by the planet Saturn and the element of air. Saturn, the famous beautifully-ringed gas giant, loves rules, laws, and limits; while air symbolizes intellect and mental acuity. They have a reforming zeal and future-focused energy about them.

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Yoko Ono is a fascinating case study for an Aquarius. Forget the misogynistic claim that she broke up the Beatles—Yoko is a prolific conceptual artist who channels her Aquarian yearning into enlightening and clever art pieces.

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In , John Lennon was completely taken with a ladder in the middle of a London art gallery. Viewers were meant to climb to the top of the ladder, where a magnifying glass hung above. Be subtle and gently arouse their curiosity to learn. Aquarius vector image on Aquarius Zodiac, Aquarius.

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Your secret talent : smiles Zodiac signs aquarius. Pin on Age of the Aquarius. Aquarius woman zodiac sign with flowers in hair pouring. Pin by Moose on Aquarius Aquarius quotes, Aquarius. Wait, isn't everyone turned off by smothering personalities. Pin by Gaya3 on It's Me Aqua!!

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Aquarius, Zodiac signs. Painfully accurate My sign? Aquarius traits, Aquarius.

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Aquarius - Women Who Are Aquarius. Real woman Let's Empower Each Other! Auntie quotes. Aquarius - Women Who Are Aquarius - 1. Zodiac Geek Astrology: it's in the stars Aquarius. Pin by Ally on Aquarius Zodiac signs aquarius, Aquarius. Aquarius Traits-Positive and Negative Characteristics. In my feelins In ma feelins Aquarius quotes, Aquarius. Pisces, This is so completely me it is unreal Me Pisces.

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