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Observing Auriga the Charioteer on a crisp Autumn midnight. Auriga is said to be the King of Athens and the son of the fire God, Hephaestus.


The myth says that he was the first man to imitate the chariot of the sun God by taming and harnessing four horses to chariot. As a result, Zeus placed him in the stars.

Another moon shot from this past Saturday. Image was taken during sunset which explains the orange hue on its surface. La imagen fue tomada durante la puesta de sol, lo cual explica el tinte naranja en la superficie. I gave deep sky astrophotography my first try on September 11, Andromeda was my first target.

Det sker mandag den Resterne af den verdenskendte astronom ligger i en halvanden meter lang forseglet zinkkiste i Teynkirken i Prag. Den danske Tycho Brahe-ekspert, Jens Vellev, siger, at de jordiske rester af Tycho Brahe samt hans hustru vil blive taget op den Enten den I offentliggjorde Kondratieff sine resultater i en rapport med titlen, "Long Waves in Economic Life".

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Se mere om pladen her:. Max Heindel He was born into the noble family Von Grasshoff, which was connected to the German Court during the lifetime of Prince Bismarck. The father of Max Heindel, Francois L. They had two sons and one daughter.

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The father died when the eldest son was six years of age, leaving the mother and three small children in straitened circumstances. Max Heindel's infancy was thus lived in genteel poverty.

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  • His mother's self-denial was carried to such an extreme that her small income was dedicated to private tutors for her sons and daughter, so that they might eventually take their place in society as members of the noble classes. During this time he married, the marriage being terminated by the death of his wife in A son and two daughters were born of this marriage. He met his future wife Augusta Foss around this time.

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    However, overwork and privation brought him severe heart trouble in , and for months he lay at the point of death. Upon his recovery he was more keenly aware of the needs of humanity. From to he started a lecture tour, in order to spread his occult knowledge. After a course of lectures in that city he was again forced to spend some time in a hospital with valvular heart trouble.

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    Upon his recovery, still undaunted, he once more took up his work of lecturing in the northwestern part of the United States. As he afterwards mentions, the Elder Brother gave him information which was concise and logical and beyond anything he was capable of writing. Later, he found out that during a previous visit of the Elder Brother, he was put to a test to determine his worthiness to be messenger of the Western Wisdom Teachings.

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