Cancer man marriage compatibility

That woman should be the dominant woman, and he should be with successful, ambitious partners who manage their lives. The Cancer man can be a little slow in acting and showing his affection, but he continually strives for love excitement, and lives for love.

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For him, love is everything and must be swayed through all aspects of their lives. The Cancer man is continuously looking for tenderness. At first glance, many Cancers seem cool and uninteresting, but it is just a defensive mechanism. When love happens to him, he surrenders to the limit and is ready to give his all to stay in that cloud for a long time. One more thing needs to be said — the problem with Cancer man is that he so often falls in love, and then he makes mistakes, and when he is left by his partner, the Cancer man will be suffering for a long time.

This Zodiac sign is the most difficult to get to know, or in some way to conquer; to be with the Cancer man in a relationship you need to be one of those people who love to listen and understand. If you are not one of these people, you should give up on Cancer man when it is time. He is sensitive generally in life, and especially when it comes to love and relationships. The Cancer man is a gentle and caring partner, but he also expects the same from his partner that has to understand him fully. The too ambitious, too strong and self-sacrificing women will surely never get the attention from the Cancer man.

He hates when women are acting inappropriately and are overly modern, he loves the ones that will share his views of the word, but this does not mean that they do not love when his lover is successful. Offer him loyalty, honesty and attention, and he will be yours.

Cancers in general and males especially highly respect the virtues of a patriarchal value and marriage. He is a good material for a husband and a good father in the family. He is also reliable, devoted and responsible partner, and expects the same from his lover.

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Do not give them a reason to doubt, because as soon as Cancer man starts to doubt you, know that you have lost all chances. They know how to construct the whole story based on suspicion, and will track you down, and leave you without looking back. So be careful with the Cancer man never to make a stupid mistake, or do anything suspicious that will jeopardise your status in his heart.

If you think that you will hurt his feelings, and then do not start with him anything meaningful, because emotions are the most important to the Cancer man. When someone but in particular we mean a person who he loves, a long-term partner hurts him, he easily lets the person down the water. If you do not want to fall in love with you, then run away, because they, besides being overly sensitive, the Cancer man can be too overtaken by himself and tend to enter the stages of self-pity and depression because of unrequited love.

Having all in mind, the Cancer man is an ideal partner for love, family and marriage. Which woman would not want such a man, but the question is how to win it? He is very romantic, and with him, you will enjoy many romantic moments with the Cancer man. Also, he is very clever and therefore good interlocutor and adviser.

He will never get into the adventures for one night, or maybe just when he is very, very young.

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His warmth and emotions are opposed to everything that is material, but to have them in your life you have to work hard. The connection between Taurus and Cancer is not a very passionate one but is the one that can truly work. This connection could succeed when Taurus suppressed her stubbornness and the Cancers emotionality.

In any case, both Cancer and Taurus in this connection should be ready for a compromise. Only that will always be happy, and all other characteristics could match perfectly, and they could last longer. But, both of them should learn the value of compromise and the art of communication. Another sign that could be a perfect match is a Virgo. These two can be a good love connection often works because Cancer and Virgo are aware that they need to fight for love and happiness. Both the Cancer and the Virgos have very fine senses, and are hedonists and enjoy cooking together, and beings very intimate.

Since both are very demanding partners, they should provide more than they can objectively in this connection. In this case, also, the art of communication must be present, and they need to learn how to say stop when their demands are in question.

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If they are stubborn all the time, this relation will be problematic, and if not, they could be very happy together. Cancer man will give you all your best, but it will also be a lot to expect in return. Careful, gentle and perfect in the preparation of pleasant dinners, Cancer man is loyal but expects his friends to be attached to it. He is loyal to the people who value and support them, and one of the most beautiful features of Cancer is their ability to make others feel good in their skin and loved ones. Others can rely on Cancer man because they will be questioned if they have a problem and help them.

However, he rarely expresses his feelings that hide deep inside. People who want to share their emotional thoughts with Cancer man can feel that the scale is tilted only on one side since Cancer rarely reveals his deep feelings. Desperately looking for tenderness, and love and friendship are the most important things in the Cancer man life.

Amazingly, he can change moods, and these changes are due to the Moon, his ruler, the dominant planet.

Cancer compatibility

They have a Moon effect that leads to tides and oceans in the oceans. She is selfless and compassionate. She is commonly engaged with some sort of humanitarian work and does not care about how much of her time and money it would take her to help those in need. Unlike Cancer men, Cancer women have a stronger sense of reason. A Cancer woman would use a good opportunity, even if she is not particularly interested in it, but it could help her reach her goal.

She is also creative, imaginative and handy. She is organized and does not like chaos. Like a Cancer man, she wants a comfortable, pleasant life, free of financial and material struggle in general.

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She is modest and simple. Cancer woman does not fall for the latest fashion trends and she would create something unique, rather than buy clothes everyone wear. She also expresses her emotions through her creativity. It could surprise you how daring she could be when it comes to her physical display, while she is shy and reserved in communication. She is graceful, soft and very elegant; her daring outfit is never vulgar or indecent. She is an enigma, as well.

Her mood is changeable. In one moment, she is quiet and innocent looking; in the other, she is grumpy, irritable and anxious. It could be difficult to recognize she is a cancer and it could be hard to follow her frequent changes. She is a dreamer, a true romantic. She needs care, tenderness and a lot of gentleness in her life. She falls for kind, gentle and emotional men. She is a bit more talkative than a Cancer man is and she is less afraid of being emotionally hurt. She will say it to you, if she thinks it. However, it also takes some time to get her really open up and stop being suspicious.

This combination has good potential for a happy and harmonious relationship, based primarily on their mutual emotional understanding. They are similar, of course, and it does not make their connection dull and boring. Their connection is harmonious, peaceful and relaxed. Both of them are not easily approachable in general and need time to get to know a person, before they let them step into their private area.

All of their natural suspiciousness and caution fades away and they become very passionate and open about their feelings. In public, they do not show much affection towards one another, out of their inborn anxiety that comes from possibility of being hurt for expressing emotions aloud. However, they are pleasant to have around, although they do not talk much. Their connection is non-verbal, for a great part, which is exactly why they look awkward to others.

They have amazing intuition and they could literally sense what the other one feels. They understand each other on a different level. They do not need words to express their love for one another.

Good Traits

It is interesting that their mood swings, characteristic for both Cancers, would most likely match. It is a communication based on deep intuition and it appears almost as a sixth sense, developed specifically for a Cancer to understand the other Cancer. It is an amazing and unique relationship, indeed. Cancers share interests and values in life. Both are a bit conservative, more traditional than liberal, would love to have a pleasant and comfortable life.

They will agree on starting a family and would most likely start some sort of family business, in which they can express their creativity and, at the same time, be, in a way, independent of the outer world. Cancer couples tend to isolate themselves and live their fairytale dream life, which is usually hard for others to understand.

Cancer men and cancer women are compatible in all segments of life, with a bit less matching in terms of sexuality and intimacy. Sex life is not something they see the most important. Strangely, but they are rarely synchronized in bed. However, they will always find a way to make one another satisfied.